Into bloom

Heres a little back story on how INTO BLOOM came to be. 

Bec came to me to create a commission set of artwork for her new apartment. I am so appreciative that Bec was so open and vulnerable with me as shared her experience of her ED recovery journey. She was after art that reflects the respect and adoration one can have for themselves to undergo such a restorative change. Bec has been on her road to self discovery and recovery for a long time and it took a lot of persistence, courage, and healing to get to where she is now. through all her hard work, she said that she has finally learnt to fall in love with herself and to embrace her authentic self.

Bec requested for the collection of three pieces to centre around the theme of self-love, acceptance, compassion. With her intentions in mind I meditated and experienced the most beautiful vision of artworks. A set of three women, each woman was holding a different flower that represented self-love, acceptance and compassion. 

The females in this collection are patient and but full of growth, delicate and strong, raw and elegant, wounded but healing, committed to putting in the work but also able to surrender and have faith. Stay tuned as I am currently creating more blooming beauties.

I would like to thank Bec for allowing me to opportunity to create these inspirational pieces. I pray that when she admires her art she can take pride in the courage she has shown to shine light where there was once darkness. Sending you peace and love bec and to everyone who is on their own healing journey.