Get to know the artist

Hi beautiful people I’m Roxy Jachim, the artist of A peace of me. 
Through my artwork, I explore themes of The divine feminine, Mother Nature, The human body in all its glory and the magical energies the universe has to offer. 

My highest goal is to convey the beauty that is found within and all around us. To bring peace, magic and a sense of wonder to the world and to inspire connection and acceptance through my work.


My inspiration comes from a multitude of places; nature, the cosmos, beautiful and unique body figures. 

The universe works in magic ways and I believe that there is an abundance of inspiration all around us.

The name A peace of me was inspired by my obsession with the peace sign and the fact that a piece of me goes into every artwork I create.

I go on a journey with the creation and as it comes to life, so do I. 


 Where it all began...

A Peace Of Me came to life in late 2020. 
I have always had a passion for art and creating. As a child I was very imaginative. I always dreamt of being an artist. Somewhere between growing up, self doubt, a career in Early childhood education and becoming a mother I became distant to the artist inside me. I quietened her down with insecurities, lack of self care and a busy schedule. 
After a six year drought of not creating, during one of the many Covid lockdowns of 2020 I was desperate to keep myself entertained and needed an outlet. I started to sketch random drawings and engage in creative experiences with my children, by doing this that spark of joy that I used to experience as a child was ignited. 
From privately sketching I then created a little insta account to track my creative journey and to share my art with friends and family. 
Also in lockdown TikTok was another favourite way to pass the time, I created an account and was shocked that in a matter of a week or two my account went crazy and I attracted more followers than I could ever imagine. 
Reading all the supportive comments and having some enquiries about purchases gave me the push and the boost of self confidence to start to sell my art to the public.
I attended a couple of awesome markets during the summer season, which was awesome to meet my customers face to face and get to vibe with them. 

Now I am proud to say that I am a full time artist and a proud small business owner!
I’m so grateful for my experience so far and beyond excited for what’s to come.
I am so grateful to the universe for the abundance i have received so far.